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It's hard to believe but we're already more than half way into 2017. The year is moving quickly, yet at the same time January feels like ages ago. New Years always serves as the point of new beginnings and fresh starts where we make goals and resolutions in attempt to make the best of the new year. But as we regroup after the holidays and get back to our normal routines, these goals and plans sometimes get pushed to the side and forgotten. I know that's definitely the case for me. That's why I try to take a bit of time during the middle of the year to reflect on what has happened so far and to draw up a plan for the last months. 

After three glorious summer months, we're heading into the darker, colder fall days. I can't think of a better time to remind myself of not only my goals, but my achievements in order to regain some of the motivation that may have gotten lost in the shuffle of everyday life. So I wanted to share with you a few of my mid-year resolutions in hopes that you might find some inspiration and join me in making the best of the last few months of 2017. Some of these are simple and applicable to everyone, and some a more personal.

My Mid-Year Resolutions

1. Drink More Water. This might seem like a silly resolution, but you'd be surprised by how little water I actually drink. One of the perks of shifting over to a desk job is that I'm a little more focused on my eating and drinking- because I can do it whenever I want! It is unbelievable how much better I feel when I drink enough water throughout the day. So to increase my energy levels among other things, I want to focus on drinking a good amount of water everyday.

2. Grow My Fashion Knowledge. I'm currently working in the fashion industry, so now more than ever I need to be on my A Game when it comes to fashion knowledge. This includes keeping up on trends and industry news, but I also plan on reading up on fashion history and the politics within the industry. 

3. Try New Things. This is a pretty general resolution, but I think it's something important to keep in mind day to day. It's easy to get comfortable in the same old routine, same meals, same outfits, and same activities. So anything from cooking new foods to try new coffee shops or restaurants

4. Wear More Color. This one might just be the hardest for me. But what brought me to commit to this resolution was the fact that it felt like every other look of the day I was posting on my blog was a black and white look. Hands down, black is the best color but as a part of my never ending quest to elevate my personal style, I want to try some new colors, perhaps some that are out of my comfort zone. Plus a little color always brightens my day, and fall is when I need that the most!

These are just a few of the things I plan on focusing on this fall. I hope this inspires you to think of a couple things to focus on as well!

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  1. Number one is an excellent resolution! I'm always forgetting to hydrate myself,
    often with less than optimal consequences;
    Good for you working in the fashion industry and resolving to know it better.
    Some in the industry could use more input from well grounded bloggers to cure their occasionally catty myopia;
    Trying new things can take courage - I'm sure healthy curiosity helps and I'm sure it's rewarding;
    If there was only some way you could convince the manufacturers of the styles of blouses and full briefs I love to buy, review. wear and show off to carry the styles in a variety of pretty colours as well, I would be ecstatic!!!
    Hooray for colour!!!!!!!!!! :D
    Great resolutions!