12:50 PM

This past week has brought so much excitement! It was absolutely jam packed with exciting things, most of which was all squeezed into this past weekend. So with that, I'll get right to my favorites. :)

1. My sister came home this weekend! She and her boyfriend flew in Thursday night, so naturally I sat at work all day with ants in my pants trying to get all my work done before the long weekend, all the while watching the clock tick itself into the evening. I haven't seen either of them since Christmas, so I was beyond excited for a fun weekend with them.

2. On Friday my family and I went to a wedding. One of my longtime friend's brother got married in Tacoma. All my favorite people were there and we danced (and drank) the night away. It was so much fun celebrating.

3. There was sunshine this week. I know- hard to believe in this perpetual cloud that we call Seattle. The weather throughout the week has been hit or miss, but today is a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky. I just got a snazzy pair of sunglasses last week (check them out here!) so I was especially excited for the nice weather.

It's been such a great week, definitely one for the books!

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