Welcome to My Ivy Closet! (Formerly Blue by Angela)
A name is a big deal. It's the first impression- the first glimpse of what it is you are going to experience. My Ivy Closet is the perfect representation of the root of my blog- my closet. Within my tiny studio apartment is the oasis that is my closet. A separate room for all the garments, accessories, and shoes that help me express myself. In that room there is one small window, where just beyond it the ivy grows. One might assume such a pervasive plant might cause some irritation with it's constant growing, but to me there is beauty in that. It's the nature paralleling what's just inside that window- my ever-growing style evolution.

What You Can Find Here
My Ivy Closet is a personal style and beauty blog. Primarily focused on helping you develop your personal style through inspiration and info on the latest trends, I share my own personal style as well as pinpoint budget friendly ways to evolve your wardrobe while keeping up with the latest and greatest in fashion.  

About Angela 

Born and raised in Washington, I found a cozy home in the heart of Seattle three years ago. I work full-time as a professional stylist at a local e-commerce company and part-time as a nanny. I love thai food, the beach, and my pups Kali and Lefty.

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